About Us

The North Dakota Academy of Science was founded in 1908. In 1948, the Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science was first published, and the original association became an official state academy in 1958.

The purpose of the Academy is to promote and conduct scientific research and to disseminate scientific knowledge. Membership in the Academy is open to persons who share the stated purpose of the Academy and who are active or interested in some field of scientific endeavor. 

Current Officers 2019-2020

President Joseph Collette   
Minot State University
President-Elect Mukhlesur RahmanNorth Dakota State University
Stuart Haring
North Dakota State University
TreasurerBryan SchmidtMinot State University
CouncilorDouglas MunskiUniversity of North Dakota 
CouncilorJulia ZhaoUniversity of North Dakota
CouncilorHeidi SuperMinot State University

All official correspondence should be sent to: